Learning Guitar Solos

Guitar solos are an important area of guitar playing, particularly in the styles of rock, blues and jazz. There are many famous guitar solos that serve as excellent studies for aspiring guitarists.

Learning famous guitar solos brings a great deal of musical satisfaction. In the process of learning, you will learn authentic musical phrases and how to build your own guitar solos. You will also learn about performance and the finer details that can transform an adequate rendition into one that is exceptional.

Many guitar solos require an advanced level of technical ability. Attempting more advanced solos will therefore reveal your current technical shortcomings. These can then be addressed with tailor-made exercises, which will improve your renditions and upgrade your guitar playing as a whole.

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“Striving to perfect guitar solos motivates us in many ways: to fix timing, to add nuance, and to develop technical ability.”

– Stuart Bahn