Fixing Problems

Fixing Problems in Guitar Playing

Fixing problems is something that all guitarists continuously do on their guitar playing journey. Nobody picks up a guitar for the first time and does everything right. Even after many years of playing, almost all guitarists have technical or musical issues that need to be improved.

Some examples of issues that hold back even seasoned players are:

  • Bad technique
  • Lack of knowledge
  • Lack of creativity
  • Misapplication of musical ideas
  • Inappropriate chord voicings
  • Lack of dynamic variation
  • Lack of rhythmic variation
  • Poor timing
  • Weak vibrato

It is not easy to correctly identify and fix each of these issues. But they can have a major impact on our guitar playing; holding us back, needlessly, for many years.

This is one of the less obvious, but nonetheless huge benefits of taking guitar lessons from an experienced guitar teacher.

In most cases, these problems do not go away by themselves. In your lessons, Stuart will help you to address your own guitar playing problems. He will provide you with detailed advice and specific exercises and tasks to fix problems and improve your musical shortcomings head-on.

Booking a Guitar Lesson

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“Many of the problems I see in guitarists are issues I’ve had to deal with in my own playing. It can be tempting to ignore such problems, but they hold us back and are usually completely fixable.”

– Stuart Bahn