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Other Areas of Guitar Playing

There are many different components that go into becoming a good guitar player. Most of the main areas are already listed here on this website. But there are countless other subtle or seemingly niche factors that you can learn about in your guitar lessons.

Some examples of these seemingly subtle factors could be vibrato depth, vibrato speed, variation in dynamics, choice of chord voicings, authenticity of style, and the ability to build a solo to a climax.

In terms of musical styles, in addition to the musical styles already discussed on this website, there are many sub-genres of music which you may be interested in playing.

One example of this could be slide guitar. This usually falls within the style of blues music, though slide guitar is not restricted to blues alone. You can learn to play slide in your guitar lessons, and apply the technique to whatever style of music you like.

Over the years, Stuart has taught virtually all styles of guitar playing to students of all ages and abilities. Regardless of musical style, the mechanics of guitar playing and the theory that underpins music are essentially the same.

So, whatever style of music you are interested in, or whatever technical aspect of guitar playing you would like to work on, Stuart can help you.

Booking a Guitar Lesson

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